Pique in a sentence

use Pique in a sentence


[noun] a feeling of being annoyed or sad, because of being ignored or insulted;

I used to keep his photos but I burned them all one day in fit of pique.

After a moment of pique, he went on his speech.

[verb] to make someone feel annoyed or sad, by ignoring them;

Your words seemed to have piqued Tomy.

The kids were piqued that their offer was rejected by the teacher.

[verb] to stimulate,arouse or excite;

That was enough to pique my interest.

The other songs that pique my interest are ‘Bayou Beast,’ and ‘Rocking Daddy.’

Frbel saw a child’s interest was piqued when learning was exciting, and he understood that learning through the five senses experientially was valuable.

Needless to say, our curiosity was piqued by the eerie atmosphere of the scene.