pious in a sentence

If the face of a human being is the mirror of the character, surely Farzana appears to be a decent, pious and respectable young lady.

He also advices people to lead a pious life.

It loses the fight above as Alexandra kills pious.

We should, then, count pious books among our true friends.

840527 Or is it pious because it is loved by the gods (10a)?”

What we believe in is not religious fantasies, no matter how pious.”

They amassed great wealth from booty during the war and from pious donations.

In architecture, endowed public and pious foundations continued to be favored.

778701 His devotion to prayer was notable even by the pious standards of the age.

At age 16 he married Saraswatibai, said by tradition to have been a pious young girl.

Chaitanya Singh Chaitanya Singh was another pious ruler unfit to face the difficulties.

Teresa’s mother, Beatriz, was especially keen to raise her daughter as a pious Christian.

This merging of two forms alters Samson from a rough barbarian into a pious warrior of God.

Li Heng, however, avoided consequences, as Emperor Xuanzong believed him to be filially pious.

He earned his priesthood but was never overly pious due to his tastes for fighting and drinking.

Sharia law, though observed by more pious Nigeriens, is not enforced by government or community.

The caption reads: “Chorus in background: ‘Those pious Yankees can’t throw stones at us anymore.’

Urs Every year hundreds of people gather at the Darbar and celebrate the life of the pious saint.

Hugh’s son John III of Amboise married Jeanne de Beaumont (direct descendant of Louis the pious ).

Some temples of Boccob are guarded by pious templars who combine arcane magic with martial training.

Gallienus took pains to make sure that he was regularly represented as victorious, merciful, and pious.

He was a pious man with a model character – exemplary behavior, patience, endurance, persistence and work.

The question why the pious sometimes have bad luck while the sinners are fortunate was solved for him (Ber.

She ended up disappointing him, however, being pious and uninterested in the expensive gifts he bought her.