Pioneer in a sentence

use Pioneer in a sentence


[verb] Take the lead or initiative in the development of research, technology or art;

The General Hospital is pioneering a new treatment for the illness.

The university is pioneering a wonderful new vocabulary development program in its ESL courses.

He has won a number of awards for his pioneering research in how babies learn language.

[noun]A person who causes to open up a new way of research, technology or art;

Robbie’s great grandfather was one of the first pioneers to settle on a farm in Saskatchewan.

A lot of pioneers from Eastern Europe came to America to take up farming on the plains around the turn of the century.

During the early 1800s pioneers began claiming fertile areas of land beyond the Mississippi River.

One of the first things the pioneers did when they got to their new homes in the American west was buy land.

Some of today’s young people will become the pioneers of the future in the field of science or computers.

As the pioneers travelled west, they often ran into Indians.

Because they often had no doctors, pioneers had to learn how to use plants to make their own medicines.