picker in a sentence

He is really a nitpicker.

I think for the first time it’s been a stock pickers’ market, he said.

The Phillie Phanantic was the guest picker, using Lee Corso as his straight man.

In January, a landslide of unstable waste earth killed at least 30 jade pickers.

pickering finds bands interesting because, he says, humans tend to cluster together.

636024 Some of the vintage photos collected by professional picker Sarah Littlefield.

Over coffee in pickering, Ont., Sharpe and Andre’s mom Beverley De Grasse roar at the memory.

Coffee pickers are photographed on a family plantation on Indonesia’s Sumatra Island in 2014.

Police used cherry-pickers to remove the activists from the top of the blockades, said Martin.

Powerful skipper Moonlight, of pickering, Ont., crashed over late to make it 19-5 at half-time.

The pickers have had to adjust their techniques this year to keep the grapes from getting sunburned.

Something new This year the orchard began growing heritage apples that aren’t common to most pickers.

248393 Getting from one tree to another is dangerous for the cone-pickers,”” Bols told Global Ideas.”