photosynthesis in a sentence

The small leaflet size prevents too much moisture loss during photosynthesis .

The negative side to leaf rolling is photosynthesis is often limited.

Plant cells obtain energy through a process called photosynthesis .

More leaf area = more photosynthesis and carbon fixation.

One feature that defines plants is photosynthesis .

Huge growth takes place as photosynthesis accelerates.

Plants require carbon dioxide to conduct photosynthesis .

The bike frame houses the photosynthesis system.

They harvest sunlight to create food through photosynthesis .

Measuring oxygen production during photosynthesis . 2.

In “anoxygenic photosynthesis ” various electron donors are used.

The carbon dioxide is then stored for daytime photosynthesis .

Explain photosynthesis and tell why this process is important.

The word photosynthesis means “to put together with light”.

The processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration are interdependent.

Water is fundamental to photosynthesis and respiration.

Limited water also slows or stops photosynthesis .

This is the second core process in photosynthesis .

Roots gather the water needed for photosynthesis .

In such zones the saturated photosynthesis would produce black vegetation.