phoneme in a sentence

The phoneme processor is an excellent example.

The consonant phoneme is evident and pronounced more clearly.

The language has 14 phonemes and 120 root words.

Hungarian has 14 vowel phonemes and 25 consonant phonemes.

Hungarian has 14 vowel phonemes and 25 consonant phonemes .

The discrimination of speech sounds within and across phoneme boundaries.

Ability to segment words into phonemes emerges.

Furthermore individual phonemes may also be stressed.

Icelandic therefore has two separate phonemes and .

The program focuses on target patterns rather than target phonemes .

Development of phonemes and phonetic substitutions are related.

Instead, phoneme awareness activities help children to perceive individual phonemes.

Instead, phoneme awareness activities help children to perceive individual phonemes .

The consonant phonemes of Navajo are listed below.

Both phonemes are pronounced separately in careful pronunciation: .

Most varieties of Catalan contrast seven stressed vowel phonemes .