Phoenix in a sentence

I heard there was a tarantula found in a bunch of bananas at a grocery store in Phoenix.

The hot dry climate of Phoenix was quite nice after spending a rainy spring in Portland.

The final score of the game was 117-109, with Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns once again coming out on top.

Phoenix typically records a high in the upper 90s this time of year.

So, she started practicing and that led to a spot as Phoenix royalty.

Henderson reported from Washington while Moody reported from Phoenix.

In Phoenix, the last five days of the month had highs of 95 or above.

Most awesome female superheroes 31 photos Jean Grey-Summers, Phoenix.

After Martinsville, Gordon’s numbers at Texas and Phoenix also shine.

22906 After Hawaii, the plane is to head to Phoenix and then New York.

Kick off the big game with these events around the metro Phoenix area.

When American bought US Airways, Pittsburgh and Phoenix were downsized.

“This performance with our friend out in Phoenix is very hurtful to me.

Griner plays for the Phoenix Mercury and is one of the WNBA’s top stars.

Progressive Rising Phoenix Press is an innovative independent publisher.

Rescue ship “Phoenix” features two drones to scout out surrounding areas.

It’s not a shock, I’m certain, that Phoenix embraces its title completely.

The other side of fame: ‘Creepy and vile’ Hof was born in Phoenix in 1946.

He closed the store years ago, and it’s not clear when he moved to Phoenix.

There are only three such jets in the world, and Phoenix Air owns them all.

Associated Press writer Terry Tang contributed to this report from Phoenix.

Phoenix was led by Eric Bledsoe with 23 points and Goran Dragic’s 21 points.

Associated Press writer Paul Davenport in Phoenix contributed to this report.

The highway is the main road between parts of Southern California and Phoenix.

If anything does develop, it will likely be south of Phoenix, Hoegg continued.