philosophically in a sentence

It is also felt that the concept is philosophically untenable.

It was thus as radical politically and philosophically, as it was theologically.

Do U Dig U? has philosophically-minded lyrics that deal with existential detatchment.

The Plus/4’s design is thus philosophically closer to that of the VIC-20 than of the C64.

The competitor is evaluated physically, mentally, socially, ecologically, culturally, and philosophically.

Raphael sees himself in the tradition of Plato: he knows that for good governance, kings must act philosophically.

Fairfax bears his impending execution bravely and philosophically, prompting tears from Phoebe and even Sergeant Meryll.

The Tok’ra (meaning “against Ra”) are a benevolent offshoot of the Goa’uld who oppose them philosophically and militarily.

philosophically, it can be assumed that in the early time, there has not been any agent to tune the cosmological parameters.

The Book of No-thing Although short, the void book lists, philosophically, the nature of both human knowledge and other things.