permanently || in a sentene

His fingers are permanently stained yellow from years of smoking.

Find someone who would like to live in this country permanently.

They came to Lansing on a visit in 1995, and then moved here permanently about a year later.

It is estimated that as many as 25,000 people in Angola have been permanently disabled by landmines.

Studies show that isolation for the first six months of life will render an animal permanently inadequate.

The priest’s son totally rebelled against his religious upbringing, and eventually left the church permanently.

The young man’s hearing was permanently damaged by repeatedly listening to his MP3 player with the volume at maximum.

He knows there have been discussions about moving him there permanently.

The activists are opposing moves to permanently appoint Davis to the post.

227355 Fix the immigration problem comprehensively, permanently and fairly.

This is where he hopes to permanently escape his home in war-torn Damascus.

The light goes out behind the eyes and eventually, it goes out permanently.

The 23-year-old said he never intended to stay on the West Coast permanently.

Lee suspended him a week later, saying he intended to remove him permanently.

No society can withstand this permanently — we can help, but we need to be fair.

Rose is on baseball’s permanently suspended list and is ineligible for the Hall of Fame.

He says the bite was so severe the nerves in part of his arm may be permanently severed.

Better still, the standard 500GB Xbox One’s price has dropped permanently to $349 (£299).

And to know who’s at risk and maybe who needs to be pulled out of harm’s way permanently.

You permanently became part of his family,” said First lieutenant Brandon A. Recker, USMC.

Other family took Smith in for a while until she decided to permanently live with Clayton.