Permanent in a sentence

use Permanent in a sentence

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[adjective] Continuing or enduring for a long time;

We all wish for permanent world peace.

His permanent tooth is coming in behind his baby tooth.

She is working in an office downtown on a two-month contract, but is hoping to find a permanent job pretty soon.

A department store spokesman says that their new outlet will create more than 75 permanent jobs in the city.

The hockey player suffered permanent damage to his eye when he got hit in the face with the puck.

Lebanon’s civil war has left over 75,000 of its people with permanent disabilities.

Most of Trinidad’s East Indian population view marriage as permanent, and discourage divorce or the remarriage of widows.

In August of 1950, the United Nations moved to a new permanent location in New York City on land donated by the Rockefeller family.

You will be eligible for a permanent position in this company once you have satisfactorily completed the six-month training period.

You need to have completed full-time equivalency for three sessions before you can become a permanent employee.

As humans learned to raise plants for food, they began to establish permanent settlements.