perfectly in a sentence

The ancient Egyptians were perfectly at ease building sailboats.

Both of these time standards turned out to be imperfectly defined.

The perfectly preserved mosaic floor is the largest one in Jordan.

13b); and he was extraordinarily upright as well as perfectly just.

Her three-octave voice was perfectly suited to creolized lyric music.

Patzzi tried in vain but Kongji fitted perfectly to her colorful shoe.

Mamas appears to manage the home perfectly and Papas is a comics creator.

perfectly straight, parallel bands occur over all or part of these stones.

572653 Then the two pieces were sewn together to fit each person perfectly.

For example, a shield divided azure and gules would be perfectly acceptable.

This F balances perfectly on the bottom of the chord what the B added on top.

Bond replies with considerable élan, “Oh, I’m sure they’re perfectly rounded.”

The Hardy boys make an excellent team, because their abilities mesh perfectly.

Since Shinobu is perfectly visible to Kaede, the mission doesn’t go as planned.

41000 Then we are on very unequal terms, for I understand you perfectly well.”””

In the ripe perfection of humanity, the two impulses will be perfectly adjusted.

The blocks had to be perfectly square in order to make it easier to load and haul.

I perfectly know that till 1917 Nagorno Karabakh was a part of the Russian Empire.

Armaignac claimed that this method produced a perfectly round pupil in one sitting.

In addition to low rainfall, Grassmere is perfectly suited to solar salt production.

A noun’s gender is not perfectly predictable from its form, but there are some trends.

The slope and coefficient of elasticity of a perfectly inelastic demand curve is zero.

Jägermeisters sharp taste is supplemented perfectly with the orangelemonades sweetness.

In theory any conventional engine design can be balanced perfectly for primary balance.

She seems perfectly willing to lay aside her own safety for the safety of her students.