per capita in a sentence

USA has 45% more patents per capita .

Canada has 7 times more representatives per capita .

Rural real consumption per capita has increased four times faster.

The real comparative measure is fossil fuel consumption per capita .

The differences in per capita pay primarily reflect varying rank structures.

Another measurement is of per capita emissions.

The national and per capita income had fallen sharply.

Income was estimated at $50 per capita annually.

Asian immigrants add to traditional high per capita consumption.

per capita consumption has declined through time.

The calculations should be done per capita .

GDP per capita shrunk by almost 40 percent.

Oil production per capita peaked in 1979.

Worldwide per capita oil production reaches a historic peak.

per capita total expenditure at average exchange rate was $52.

More charter schools per capita than anyone else.

Find real national income per capita in both years.

It ranks 44 th in health care expenditures per capita .

The long-run per capita income is therefore lower.

The per capita annual income is near $12,000.

In 2008, per capita meat consumption was 26 kg.

Americans consume 8.6 lbs annually per capita .

As unemployment rates increased, per capita handle decreased.

Alcohol-related violence is rising while per capita consumption is falling .

Their usual policy was to levy a per capita gold tax.