peer pressure in a sentence

A common phenomenon among students where peer pressure is strong.

Will uniforms assist students to resist peer pressure ?

Many programs exist to help students resist peer pressure .

peer pressure by itself is neither positive nor negative.

In addition, peer pressure influences clothing choice.

It appears that peer pressure has two sides.

All feel the peer pressure to conform.

peer pressure and society says it is okay.

They are willing to stand for correct principles despite peer pressure .

Helping children cope with peer pressure begins in preschool.

No one is immune from peer pressure .

peer pressure is often present in our everyday lives.

Which brings up another example of peer pressure .

A lot of teenagers deal with peer pressure everyday.

Social sanctions and peer pressure also constrain police behavior.

Executives feared social peer pressure was now affecting their bottom line.

peer pressure may be working against you .

Other young children are developing anorexia because of peer pressure .

Everyone thinks that teenagers are unduly influenced by peer pressure .