peacefully in a sentence

He died peacefully at home later the following day.

This was peacefully accepted by the crown in Portugal.

His nurse, Julie Koehne, R.N. stated he went peacefully.

The protesters insisted they were protesting peacefully.

The old woman gives Matsu her dagger before dying peacefully.

Daffy is shown as a typical duck living in a pond peacefully.

He watches his young daughter sing peacefully in the distance.

Others peacefully protested, upholding non-violent principles.

Present day Hwang Kee died on July 14, 2002 peacefully in his bed.

After about an hour the stand-off that developed ended peacefully.

It is said he died peacefully of old age, but this is unconfirmed.

We will peacefully protest but we will not be scared into silence”.

Soren lived peacefully in a fir tree in the Forest Kingdom of Tyto.

They are a friendly people and live peacefully alongside one another.

Hazel subsequently falls asleep on the grass and peacefully passes away.

Hulk suddenly arrives and peacefully assists Spider-Man in rescue efforts.

John Quincy and Grover, beaten on every front, leave the Bean farm peacefully.

The Tubatulabals coexisted peacefully with the white settlers for the most part.

Army, died peacefully in his sleep after a valiant struggle with prostate cancer.”

There Beatrice died peacefully in her sleep on 26 October 1944, aged eighty-seven.

They departed peacefully in 1821 and it is uncertain if Chief Pipe was still alive.

892873 Land can be gained peacefully through exploration or forcefully through attack.

By the end of the story, the valley has a vibrant ecosystem and is peacefully settled.

On the 27th he peacefully passes away, being buried on the sisters chapel on the 29th.

The convoy completed a loop around the inner city, before peacefully dispersing again.

He dies peacefully knowing he has successfully made Amir the man Baba wanted him to be.

For many years, the Yaqui lived peacefully in a relationship with the Jesuit missionaries.

However, Ali ibn Abi Talib tried to settle matters peacefully by sending an envoy to Syria.

Yudhisthira made numerous diplomatic efforts to retrieve his kingdom peacefully; all failed.

It was joined peacefully and local elites enjoyed high rank in the society of the Grand Duchy.

While out riding, the king of Kildenree is seriously injured, and dies peacefully within a few days.

Long long ago, when Meiyappan (Vijayakumar) used to be the village leader, villagers lived peacefully.

He died peacefully next to the bodies of his sisters, who had slain each other in the faerie civil war.

He continued as such until 28 May 2008 when he was peacefully deposed and Nepal became a federal republic.

He decided to keep nobles and the Ulema happy so that they would allow him to rule his kingdom peacefully.

On some days the two talk peacefully, on others Michael expresses extremely horriffic outbursts of emotion.

Odin describes Valhalla as appearing shining and golden, and that it “rises peacefully” when seen from afar.

Sometimes the transfer went peacefully especially in the case of smaller Gurdwaras with less income resources.