Peace Accord in a sentence

Peace Accord in a sentence:

Under the peace accord, all factions are to be disarmed and their forces replaced by a national army.

The rebels have declared a ceasefire in return for being included in negotiations for the peace accord.

In 1993, representatives of Israel and the Palestinians signed a historic peace accord at the White House.

With Carter’s help, terms of a peace accord were negotiated at Camp David.

But the biggest challenge will come after a peace accord is signed, he warned.

Both leaders agree that any peace accord should be anchored on EU principles and law.

The two-term limit is a legacy of a 2000 peace accord that ended a 12-year civil war.

Netanyahu, however, reiterated his desire to reach a peace accord with the Palestinians.

The two sides have set a target date of March 23, 2016 to reach a final peace accord.