pay attention to in a sentence

paid attention to astronomy education research.

Why should trucking pay attention to such trends ?

Specifically pay attention to foreign language prerequisites.

He stopped paying attention to personal hygiene.

pay attention to both critics and supporters.

pay attention to clutter and distractions though.

What data should you pay attention to ?

pay attention to privacy and data sensitivity concerns.

pay attention to body language and verbal presentation.

Do you pay attention to game activity charts?

Her crush starts paying attention to her.

Nobody is even paying attention to those victims.

White institutions pay attention to other whites.

So pay attention to receiving and following instructions.

pay attention to expiration dates when buying vending products.

It is quite important to pay attention to details.

It is hard to pay attention to too many things.

pay attention to portion size and ingredients.

Also pay attention to the rack mounts.

She rarely pays attention to anyone but herself.

Local government is also paying attention to vehicle pollution.

I started paying attention to women who were already wives.

The central executive decides what working memory pays attention to .

Different individuals pay attention to different aspects of texts.

Great leaders pay attention to the census.