pathetic in a sentence

The old ” foreigners diving” stereotype is pathetic .

The desperate media feeding frenzy is beyond pathetic .

You bleeding heart liberals are predictably pathetic .

She had gotten into pathetic physical condition.

Your pathetic little threats don really phase me.

This pathetic little question rings through my head.

It was pretty pathetic and sounded horrible.

The cancer of pathetic pop evolutionary psychology crap.

Your little campaign again the chain is pretty pathetic .

It is really too pathetic for words.

The gesture was pathetic and rather appealing.

Contemporary gay and lesbian “equality” politics are pathetic .

It really is completely wretched and pathetic .

The Ubisoft hate still lingering is pathetic .

Those nasty ass HD collections are pathetic .

It was pathetic jealousy at its finest.

You should hear how pathetic his reply is!

The relief in his voice was pathetic .

It is pathetic but almost nobody signs up.

This person is too pathetic to bother with.

I honestly thought this pathetic program ended over ten years ago!

The old lady dismissed my pathetic attempts at logic.

The top picture shows a bra band that is pretty pathetic .

College is a pathetic over priced joke!

Chinese fighter pilots and others get pathetic low flight hours.