passageway in a sentence

A passageway within the body of a dam or abutment .

Watch your step, as the passageway is slippery.

The burial chambers contained within the pyramids are connected by a maze of passageways, including dead-ends designed to foil grave robbers.

But there are already more than 3,000 living in inhumane conditions in the station’s passageways.

Calatrava designed a secret passageway with ladders and tunnels to allow maintenance workers access to the base of the moveable wings.

619468 Since 1923 it’s been a tourist attraction for spirit hunters and people who don’t mind getting lost in the home’s confusing passageways.

Note the passageways behind the east and west porticoes.

Inside the cryptex is a clue to follow the hidden passageway.

His crest told how to open his grandmother’s secret passageway.

A passageway connecting the stations directly was built later on.

Fish form also allows Naija to navigate through small passageways.

Heading back, there are now more and more Zools gathering in the passageways.

The duo walked along the coastal passageway as Inyo talked about his actions.

In 1997, the Western Hulda Gate passageway was converted into another mosque.

At the end of the second passageway the trail becomes a semi-vertical rock climb.

There is an inscription over the passageway on both the city side and the field side.

She believes that she is turning into a werewolf due to a curse in a secret passageway.

They could be reached from the lobby of the Krisztinaváros wing through a long passageway.

The south wall has an arch-shaped door which leads to a passageway and entrance of the tomb.

Round 1 The game begins in some caves with deep, dark passageways and a river in the background.

Jacques Snicket begged Jerome Squalor to purchase the apartment, most likely to protect the passageway.

As the ant activity and fungal metabolism heat up the colony, hot air rises through the central passageways.

It has four floors, except for the ground floor of the central block, where the gate’s passageway is located.

Created a “find-the-ghost” game that hinted about Edward’s secret passageway and the way to the Saturn column.

After the man is gone Labu enters the secret passageway and discovers a room filled with money, presumably stolen.

By breaking through a wall in the prison, Kanon found a passageway that lead to a hall in Poseidon’s Undersea Temple.