partnership in a sentence

I went into partnership with him.

We split up the partnership when we realized we had different goals for the business.

Successful business partnerships are based on regular, open communication and mutual trust.

Mutual trust is fundamental to a successful partnership, whether in business or in marriage.

The writing partnership of Lennon and McCartney produced some of the greatest pop songs of our generation.

The government is actively pursuing a private-public partnership to develop the new extension to the subway system.

Sony has recently entered into a partnership with Warner Brothers to strengthen their hold on the entertainment industry.

In December of 1970, Paul McCartney sued the other three Beatles to dissolve their partnership, and gain control of his financial interests.

The new partnership adds Saudi money to Turkey’s logistical support.

906446 We have a strong partnership with our school resource officer.

Still, the partnership between Russia and China is not one of equals.

Through the new partnership of and SchulerShoes.

It is produced and distributed in partnership with Legal Talk Network.

For her, the partnership of Octavius Hill and Adamson was “pioneering”.

Morris favors the personal touch when it comes to forming partnerships.

On top of that, CloudReady has been created in partnership with Google.

The first deal in the queue is the 12-nation Trans-Pacific partnership.

Cannon is the second high profile partnership for RadioShack this year.

Tory called the federal government’s partnership with cities “episodic.”

The Vive is the result of a “strategic partnership” between Valve and HTC.

Batman, Gandalf and Wildstyle forge an ad-hoc partnership to save the day.

A: There could be partnerships in which you put on an exhibition together.

“This transatlantic partnership, for Germany and Europe, is indispensable.

We anticipate this will be a long-term partnership with them, Kaplan said.