particularly in a sentence

I don’t particularly like her.

He particularly liked history.

He is particularly kind to her.

I am not particularly fond of Shaw’s plays.

The teacher particularly emphasized that point.

I’m not particularly keen on this kind of music.

The debate in Parliament today was particularly heated.

This fossil here is a particularly interesting specimen.

Mental exercise is particularly important for young children.

Hitting the other guy from behind was a particularly cowardly act.

Old habits die hard.

This is particularly true of politics.

He’s just a normal junior high school student, not particularly intelligent.

His painting wasn’t particularly good, so no one praised him for it.

He looks great on television, but in real life he is not particularly handsome.

In my class I noticed a girl student who was particularly intent on studying Chinese.

This latest mission to Saturn has been a particularly challenging engineering endeavor.

Henry Ford once remarked that nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.

In ancient China and India, the flesh of mice was considered to be a particularly delicious dish.

Being such a flat, low country, the Netherlands is particularly vulnerable to flooding by the sea.

The exchange between the two political leaders in the House of Commons was particularly heated today.

According to a popular tourist guide, tipping is neither expected nor particularly encouraged in Samoa.

Two guys almost started fighting after a particularly heated exchange in my theology seminar last night.

Once in a movie, it was said of a particularly ruthless businessman that “he had an ethical bypass at birth.