parking facilities in a sentence

We are building better car parking facilities .

There is ample car parking facilities for 50 cars.

There is also free parking facilities within 300 yards.

There are good parking facilities around this marina.

All the accommodation options we recommend have ample car parking facilities .

Are parking facilities at or near the venue?

There are no parking facilities available on Line 1.

Loading bays and car parking facilities may also be necessary.

And , less you speak on parking facilities is better.

The closest parking facilities are at Santa Cristina beach.

The airport provides both short-term and long-term parking facilities .

The airport also has several off-site airport parking facilities .

The closest railway station with parking facilities is now Great Bentley.

Additionally, the airport’s parking facilities have been severely taxed.

Encouraging the provision of adequate car parking facilities for railway stations.

The stadium has no parking facilities available to supporters on matchdays.

No visitor parking facilities are proposed for the Ofu unit.

As proposed, the terminus would not have parking facilities .

All except “carport” refer to outdoor multi-level parking facilities .

Parking Our parking facilities are right outside the Mississippi Cancer Institute.

The office complex includes shops, car parking facilities and a YMCA.