Paradigm in a sentence

Use Paradigm in a sentence

Paradigm meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [noun] 1. an example or a model of how something works; 2. way of looking at things;

We urge you to look into those Latin countries with a new paradigm from a different perspective.

Bruce Willis’ career is perhaps the paradigm for television actors who are just at the beginning of their career.

The following are considered the main programming paradigms.

Maybe there is another paradigm shift waiting just around the corner?

The suit is the basic paradigm of men’s clothes.

Once a paradigm shift in education policies has taken place, the textbooks are rewritten.

To me it looks like this agency needs a paradigm shift to attract more attention.

These programmes have not had the desired impact. So, there is need for paradigm shift.

A paradigm is typical example of how these experiments are done.