Panacea in a sentence

Use Panacea in a sentence

Panacea meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [noun] remedy for all problems, cure-all ;

Government panacea to all problems is new taxes.

The police department was no panacea to the problems of society.

This doesn’t mean that doctors suddenly have a panacea on their hands.

It’s not a panacea, but it may have benefits for skin, joint and digestive health.

The work is no panacea to prevent accidents, but it’s a way of reducing risk.

The cameras can be very useful in improving policing, experts say, but should not be viewed as a panacea.

It was not, however, a panacea which could solve all forest management problems.

Dr. Aldous Smith-A traveling merchant who claims to be in possession of a panacea miracle elixir.

Such approach is not a panacea for all kinds of discrimination and exploitation.

The dictator has always considered itself a panacea for the worlds problems.