Palpable in a sentence

Use Palpable in a sentence

Palpable meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [adjective] easily felt; easily noticed;

Her fear of bugs is just as palpable as mine.

The relief among the angry crowd was almost palpable after his effective speech.

He neutralized the debate by manipulating the press coverage to something palpable – money.

His frustration was loud and his fear was palpable.

The connection he has to his songs and his fans was palpable.

Corruption, power outages, and impassable roads – and the palpable threat of chaos – are part of daily life.

The threat seems extremely palpable and immediate to me.

But the nervousness was palpable, even if the atmosphere was calm.

Poverty is palpable in the district, where run-down buildings make a contrast to newer ones several kilometers away.