Pachyderm in a sentence

Use Pachyderm in a sentence

Pachyderm ;

Meaning: [noun] animals having very thick skin such as elephant, rhinoceros and hippopotamus ;

The mammoth murals on the pachyderm building are thrilling to look at.

They hope to combine it with elephant sperm to recreate the prehistoric pachyderm.

Macho, the largest African elephant in North America, is a lonely pachyderm these days, but it’s not for a lack of interested females.

Another similar pachyderm is carved on one of the tablet now in the Hermitage Museum

The pachyderm had injured her eye in a scrap with a fellow elephant, but her caretakers say it will now be able to heal.

In late 2007, the zoo decided to send Maggie to the PAWS Sanctuary in northern California, moving the four-ton pachyderm 4,000 kilometres via a U.S. Air Force C-17 transport plane.