oxidation in a sentence

Fast oxidation states are found much more commonly among younger individuals.

The research showed green tea increased fat oxidation .

Both oxidation states absorb ultraviolet light strongly.

Fires are simply oxidation of carbon materials via oxygen.

The aluminum controls oxidation mechanisms by limiting oxide growth.

Poor oxidation results in increased cell contamination.

There are elaborate mechanisms to prevent unwanted oxidation .

Complete oxidation of materials containing carbon produces carbon dioxide.

Ozone has a very high oxidation potential.

Rapid oxidation of soil organic matter is also promoted.

Dark color indicates oxidation although there is no evaporation.

The contact area is prone to oxidation and needs frequent cleaning.

Poor oxygen supplies will result in poor oxidation .

Several cobalt compounds are used in chemical reactions as oxidation catalysts.

Oxygen in the air creates creeping oxidation .

All metal strings are susceptible to oxidation and corrosion.

Water oxidation is a more complex chemical reaction than proton reduction.

Reduction is a decrease in oxidation number.

The only common oxidation state for potassium is +1.

This oxidation releases carbon dioxide as a waste product.