overwhelming in a sentence

The film received overwhelming acclaim upon release.

They were attacking against overwhelming odds.

An overwhelming part of our behavior is learned.

The government was elected with an overwhelming majority.

The empirical evidence in support of their theories is overwhelming.

Medical students generally have an overwhelming amount of homework to do.

His overwhelming shyness around women has condemned him to life as a bachelor.

As he gazed into her eyes, he felt a surge of love and desire overwhelming him.

The accused pleaded his innocence despite the overwhelming evidence against him.

A poll shows that an overwhelming majority is in favor of the legislation.

The furious pace of technological change can be very overwhelming for people at times.

Scientists state that the evidence of human-induced climate change is now overwhelming.

He resolutely pushed forward from the start, overwhelming and pushing out his offbalance opponent.

Dorothy Thompson once remarked that there is nothing more demoralizing than sudden, overwhelming disillusionment.

Dreams flew out of that box when it was opened dreams of secrets written in disappearing ink and of overwhelming odors.

Hong Kong’s traffic jams, skyscrapers, pollution, and crowded apartment buildings can be somewhat overwhelming to the visitor.

500204 My overwhelming feeling was jubilation and pride and happiness.

The overwhelming majority of these new dollars will be from super PACs.

86544 At first, the certification training felt overwhelming to Degener.

And very quickly, it becomes overwhelming for a single person to handle.

“The Eurogroup has an overwhelming will to keep Greece in the euro zone.

It is impossible to ignore the tragedy now overwhelming the Middle East.