oversight in a sentence

There is very little oversight of manufacturing plants.

That portfolio includes oversight of contractor operations.

He says amendments are often needed to correct oversight problems.

A little oversight has never been so costly.

They also act without adequate political oversight .

Which committee is responsible for providing oversight ?

Thus congressional oversight activities during this phase are uncommon.

oversight capability is contained within the screening committee.

The central lead agency should take ultimate oversight responsibility.

The police forces are subject to external oversight .

Congress should address dysfunction system of intelligence oversight .

National standards and oversight bodies had been created.

Such redundant oversight slowed down production and inhibited creativity.

We need grain logistics oversight that benefits farmers.

We have dedicated staff whose responsibility is oversight .

Government oversight of private prisons is lax.

They were demanding clean energy and government oversight .

The copyright office itself should focus on policy and oversight .

Similar regulatory oversight guides risk modelling in the financial industries.