overshadow in a sentence

She dislikes being compared to Ibuki as she is constantly overshadowed.

The event was overshadowed by the death in a road accident of Mark Iwanczuk.

The fight was overshadowed by Amir Khan ‘s first defeat later on the same card.

Above the ark were the cherubim of the Glory, overshadowing the atonement cover.”

In all the Christian West, only Gregory the Great and Gregory of Tours overshadow him.

Otherwise, a lack of translation can overshadow a clear understanding of its function.

Sochie is a spoiled, headstrong tomboy who is continually overshadowed by her sister Kihel.

The overwhelming defeat in his final battle overshadowed his achievements in the Civil War.

This joyous event is overshadowed when the baby is stolen by the rapist, Eden’s obsetrician, Zach.

However, these substantial criticisms are overshadowed by Wagar’s appraisal of the Open Conspiracy.

By that point, the triumvirate of 1964 was over, and Brezhnev had overshadowed Kosygin and Podgorny.

Speedway in Germany is overshadowed by its more popular track racing variant Sandbahn ( Longtrack ).

Graeme Zielinski, “Shipwreck overshadowed Fitzgerald’s legacy,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2005-11-10.

Peter feels overshadowed by Catcher’s strong personality, and Vicky wants to see strength in her lover.

However, over the past few years, it has been overshadowed by the XT suffix, and those derived from it.

Starlight performs attracting a number of people, but is overshadowed by the boy band “The Dreamboats”.

The entry for Serbia and Montenegro was also overshadowed by a scandal and an accusation of plagiarism.

Nonetheless, reporting of the violence did to a degree overshadow the match result in some media coverage.

Jenna fears that Tracy will begin to overshadow her, but Tracy is quite pleased with his new job on the show.

All materials present a diamagnetic response, although it may be overshadowed by stronger magnetic behaviors.

Priestley’s form dipped later in 2007, although this was greatly overshadowed by his battle with prostate cancer.

Michael was told that his own performance overshadowed and overwhelmed Ezzie, who was having difficulty focusing.

The thought of reuniting with his brothers overshadows his busy schedule, and he leaves to be a part of Team Shaolin.

overshadowed later on by Leslie and AirChime, WABCO eventually ceased production of most horns for the North American market.

The impact of the film in Germany’s lesbian clubs was overshadowed, however, by the cult following for The Blue Angel (1930).

The appearance of Jenna’s mother threatens to overshadow her movie premiere, and Aaron tries to mend his broken heart in Seattle.

It is on the comic books pages that heroes made in Italy gained popularity, eventually overshadowing their American counterparts.

The success of the season was overshadowed by the tragic death of their long-time executive director and main sponsor Jochen Zufall.

Plot summary Echo feels overshadowed by her beautiful, angel-like mother, Eva, and lacks the attention of her artist father, Caliban.

Although the album was mostly overshadowed by Love’s turbulent antics, Perry was critically appreciated both by the press and by Love.