overseas in a sentence

The 1970s brought further overseas expansion.

How many health professional are migrating overseas ?

An intensive overseas training program was immediately undertaken.

Such overseas trips often involve hefty overtime charges .

That is why low skilled manufacturing jobs move overseas .

Your lover owned undoubtedly played overseas previous rotating 18.

It makes taking a vacation overseas cheaper.

It contained pictures of apparently overseas countries.

This is dramatically true with telephone calls overseas .

The centre is currently attempting to find appropriate sites overseas .

The overseas democracy movement has how many members.

Korean cultural properties were exported overseas for different reasons.

Many state that overseas custom is welcomed.

There are inherent risks associated with overseas volunteering.

English speaking students from overseas are particularly welcome.

I had thought she had been overseas attending college.

Foreign banks are banks with head offices overseas .

The third part deals with overseas considerations including foreign companies.

All that stuff is getting produced overseas .

B. overseas buyers prefer dealing with large corporations.

The rioters were immediately sent to overseas destinations.

Close research links exist with several overseas universities.

The film has grossed around $6 million in overseas markets.

British overseas territories generally apply their own visa policies.

The movie was released with 70 prints overseas .