overcast in a sentence

Runners were grateful for the overcast conditions, with temperatures in the 50s that were perfect for running.

The match started under overcast skies after the three-hour delay.

The skies were cloudy or overcast for the entire trip, and the flight was very bumpy at times.

The weather on Wall Street was overcast today, and that seemed to be the mood for investors.

Undeterred by overcast skies, President Barack Obama went for another round of golf Tuesday.

We had a great time even though it was an overcast day.

WEATHER: The weather in Paris has been cold and overcast, with plenty of showers.

Annual sunshine hours average 1065 hours so sunny days are rare and overcast days are common.

But it was a different tale on the overcast shores of the Mediterranean.

Convair touted the B-36 as the “aluminum overcast“, a so-called “long rifle” giving SAC truly global reach.

Despite the initially overcast conditions, Cook decided to bat first after winning the toss.

Game summary Rose Bowl records at the Hall of Champions The weather was overcast and 71 degrees.

Spring and fall are often mild and overcast, with 293 partly cloudy to cloudy days each year.

The eye that had cleared during landfall filled in that afternoon and was replaced by a central dense overcast.

The rain has stopped and the clouds have opened revealing the sun in contrast to the beginning where it was overcast.

185035 The sky over the Empire is permanently overcast with reddish clouds due to millennia of magic usage. 3.1486

As in June, the sky remains overcast with only 3 to 4 hours of sunlight a day, with occasional drizzle at night or early morning.