overall || in a sentence

The overall output was tons.

His overall was covered with paintstains.

How much time do you think it took overall to do the entire project?
Relative to overall sales, that of software is insignificant.

Find someone who is an outstanding player of some sport.

You can improve your overall fitness by going for regular walks.

The overall athleticism of a decathlon competitor is quite amazing.

An overall theme will help to give your essay coherence.

Despite losing their last race, the British duo won the overall title.

Studies suggest that overall, more people dream in black and white than in color.

My marks in math are a little low this semester, but overall I’m doing quite well.

Statistics show that overall prevalence of smoking in this country remains stable.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that our emotions affect our overall health.

He is a good overall player, in that he is both offensively and defensively-minded.

He came in first in his heat in the track meet, and third overall for the competition.

The economic unification of Europe has brought about a higher level of overall prosperity.

Bruny Surin’s time is good enough to place him second overall after the first round of heats.

The United States won the most gold medals and the most medals overall at the Athens Olympics.

My overall impression of the play was very positive even if the acting was sometimes a bit weak.

overall I’m pretty happy about my grades even if I did get a lower mark than expected in history.

The overall effect of the low Canadian dollar has been positive for the country’s export economy.

You have to contextualize the remark in the overall discussion to fully understand what was meant.

Our company has hired a group of consultants who are supposed to find ways to improve overall efficiency.

Improvements in agricultural techniques have contributed significantly to an overall decline in mortality.