outwit in a sentence

The thief outwitted the police and got away with his loot.

Outwitting the wily creatures is becoming an increasingly popular way to control them humanely.

They outwitted the jihadists with a well-designed strategic plan and executed the plan flawlessly.

Yohko manages to outwit the Ghost Captain and save Momiji.

Soon, Porky and his dog meet the rabbit and try to outwit him in the forest.

The Phantom often use the mark of the skull to psychologically outwit his enemies.

In the tale, three brothers outwit Death by magicking a bridge to cross a dangerous river.

In many stories, the evil Velns was stupid and simply outwitted by shepherds and small boys.

Frol follows them and again devises a plan to outwit Annushka’s parents with the aid of the nurse.

Bilun has to be on his toes if he has to outwit King Croc who seems to be smarter than Bilun thinks he is.

Yamaguchi attempts to outwit them psychologically, using the lives of Griffiths and Rogers as bargaining chips.

Hiccup must battle Berserks, outwit Alvin the Treacherous (again), and save Fishlegs from being fed to the Beast.

Basil briefly despairs at being outwitted, but snaps out of it just in time to deduce the trap’s weakness and escape.

In most of these confrontations he was usually beaten because even though Flesh is much stronger, King wins by outwitting him.

In the end, Merklynn outwitted Abraxas with a “Capture Thyself” spell, which, when reversed, caused the Sun Imp to be captured.

Cash attempted to find and kill Tao, but Tao outwitted Cash, manipulating him into forgetting everything he learned up to that point.

He rarely faces an opponent in direct combat, preferring to outwit the evil creatures and use their inherent weaknesses against them.