Ostentatious in a sentence

Use Ostentatious in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] showy, making someone think that its owner is very rich ;

Sally likes carrying her car keys on in ostentatious golden bag.

I hate people preferring an ostentatious display of wealth and fame.

HE is well-known for the unostentatious life led by him in his simple home, away from his luxurious official residence.

Tim doesn’t see anything ostentatious about owning four homes.

I was looking for a fast and reliable car, but not ostentatious. I don’t like showing off.

They were ostentatious despite being very rich, and, if they bought cars, they drove Peugeots or Hyundais instead of ultra expensive cars.

There was nothing ostentatious about his charity.

They look elegant and just about attractive without looking ostentatious at work.

He has a dislike of fussy ornamentation and ostentatious “bling” and a strong preference for restraint and simplicity.