Oregon || in a sentence

Parts of the west coast of Oregon are quite wild and untouched.

They found the chilly climate of Oregon difficult to get used to.

In 1972, the state of Oregon passed the nation’s first bottle recycling law.

The marine life living off the coast of Oregon is well-known for its variety and beauty.

We just coasted down the coast of Oregon and California for the two weeks we were on holiday.

In March 1997, geneticists in Oregon announced that they had cloned two monkeys from embryos.

They live on the coast of Oregon and usually spend their weekends kayaking in the Pacific Ocean.

If you are brave enough to stand the cold water, scuba-diving off the coast of Oregon can be quite spectacular.

In 1759, while searching for Spanish loot and a northwest passage to the Far East, Francis Drake took possession of the area now known as Oregon on behalf of Queen Elizabeth I.

The University of Oregon has also banned smoking anywhere on campus.

Oregon growers already provide pot to medical marijuana dispensaries.

94840 Autumn leaves glow at Nike’s headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

Shipley is now chief lobbyist for Oregon Health & Science University.

Yes, this was when we played Oregon Trail and everyone got dysentery.

Oregon answered right back when Alie hit Jalen Brown for a 43-yard TD.

Cook was intercepted in Oregon territory, and it was 14-7 at halftime.

556523 People share a joint during a 1969 concert in Portland, Oregon.

Almost simultaneously, cable systems popped up in Arkansas and Oregon.

Photo by Lt. Heather Bashor, Oregon Military Department Public Affairs.

In Oregon six Chipotle locations in the Portland area have been closed.

542263 Oregon used $305 million in federal grants to fund Cover Oregon.

522603 “Obviously today here in southern Oregon is not a good afternoon.

AP Sports Writer Anne M. Peterson contributed to this story from Oregon.

The Oregon Supreme Court ordered the sheriffs to allow the gun licenses.