ordinance in a sentence

Offenders can be fined $50 under the ordinance.

The ordinance also outlawed slavery in the region.

It contains four ordinance rooms and seven sealing rooms.

Four years later, Police Force ordinance 1871 were amended.

The Wichita ordinance was defeated by a five to one margin.

1810s *1812: War of 1812 delayed survey of the ordinance Line.

In December 1921, they became 103rd ordinance Company, Special Troops.

The connection between the ERA and ordinance 77-4 was obvious to many.

Particularly important is the sacrament or ordinance of water baptism.

It has four progressive-style ordinance rooms and twelve sealing rooms.

A Lee County ordinance designates all but two streets as golf cart paths.

Legislation was enacted by the Straits Settlements Currency ordinance (No.

Yet, the ordinance changed in 1964, so no tong lau were built from then on.

They were partly attached to the Tophane Musirligi (Marshal of the ordinance).

It opposed a curfew ordinance passed by the Township Council in the early 70s.

It has a total of square feet ( m 2 ), two ordinance rooms, and two sealing rooms.

The Town Council has final budget authority and sets salaries in the salary ordinance.

An ordinance had been passed that restricted all saloons in town, except the Lady Gay.

849848 Dallas, Texas, is currently developing an optional form-based zoning ordinance.

The city council voted 3-2 to abolish the ordinance in 2004. Lynem, Julie (2004-02-18).

Once more in nearly a two to one margin, the gay rights ordinance was defeated in Eugene.

On 19 December 1644 the first Self-Denying ordinance was approved by the House of Commons.

On September 21 of the same year the government was compelled to revoke the new ordinance.

The Seattle City Council later unanimously passed an ordinance modeled after the initiative.

Government priorities and activities are established in a budget ordinance approved annually.

The 1872 Crown Lands ordinance established reservations for the Garifuna as well as the Maya.

Huntington Beach, California passed an anti-nudity ordinance in 2007 that did not ban thongs.

Depopulation In early March 1967, the British Commissioner declared BIOT ordinance Number Two.

The ordinance was later converted into an act of the Provincial Assembly of the Sindh Province.

2, 1899, the commission passed an ordinance creating the mechanism for establishing the library.

People’s Association Act 1960 (ordinance No. 35 of 1960), now the People’s Association Act (Cap.