optimism in a sentence

My father chose not to disturb my optimism.

There is considerable optimism that the economy will improve.

It is important in life to begin all challenges with optimism, rather than doubt.

My optimism is based on my previous experience dealing with these people, I know they are the best in their field.

Negotiators are expressing optimism that a peace deal can be reached between the different parties in the conflict.

Helen Keller once stated that optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.

Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

We need to have optimism, Irvin-Ross said Thursday at a press event.

Faster Booting The main reason for the optimism is the product itself.

Skip ahead three months and that springtime of optimism has evaporated.

Meanwhile, leaders expressed mild optimism about the Ukraine ceasefire.

His father attributes this to Tharon’s competitive nature and optimism.

Though the President expressed optimism, she warned against complacency.

191705 Dixon credits his optimism and his fiancée for getting him this far.

I won’t soon forget the optimism of these leaders or the fortitude of Huda.

And yet, as I travel around the country, I hear signs of optimism, she said.

779858 “There is all kinds of anticipation and optimism right now,” Sims said.

But this isn’t cause for much optimism faced with evidence of a warming planet.

But economist Shilan Shah tells DW that there are reasons for optimism in 2015.

A new study suggests optimism could be linked to increased cardiovascular health.

24315 After such a historic night, grocer Ali Tas said his optimism was unshaken.

And he thinks the citizens will respond to his message of optimism and resiliency.

The Tibetan leader had previously expressed optimism about better ties with China.

The new government faces a country full of optimism, but also significant challenges.

My message is one of optimism, inspiration, Bush said in Spanish and again in English.

That optimism is shared by Tsipras’s supporters, according to Iliadou in Thessaloniki.