OPEC in a sentence

OPEC was formed in 1960 to control petroleum prices worldwide.

The OPEC countries contain about 65% of the world’s oil reserves.

OPEC has agreed to increase oil production by 300,000 barrels a day.

You can’t cop out on explaining a price increase of that size by blaming OPEC
One of the aims of OPEC is to stabilize the international price of oil.

OPEC has raised their production quota to over 300,000 barrels of oil per day.

During the 1970s, OPEC raised the price of oil, causing severe shortages in the United States.

The OPEC countries have recently decreased their oil output, which has resulted in an increase in the price of gas.

In October 1973, OPEC announced that the Arab countries were cutting production and placing an embargo on shipments of crude oil to Western countries.

Nor are U.S producers pulling back as OPEC refuses to cut production.

OPEC said Tuesday that its output surged to a three-year high in July.

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However, the market rebounded Thursday on the eve of the OPEC gathering.

OPEC, led by Saudi Arabia, has been vocal that it will not cut production.

OPEC member Libya is making its own production decisions a higher priority.

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The latest slide came as OPEC said its production rose to a three-year high.

In Hong Kong, Cnooc (883-HK) shed 1.26 percent and SinOPEC fell 1.59 percent.

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Oil prices could bounce back up if OPEC nations decide to decrease production.

However, non-OPEC/non-US also remained very resilient, despite large capex cuts.

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In September, OPEC produced 31.57 million barrels a day, according to its own data.

OPEC also said global demand growth should pick up in 2015 by 90,000 barrels a day.

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