on the other hand in a sentence

We have lost many ties that would previously have linked us to e.g. our immediate surroundings or to specific political views determined by class allegiance, but on the other hand we have also gotten the opportunity to play with our identities in new ways.

Fine, I am a reserved person and on the other hand I am also into showbiz.

On the other hand I know people that have started that late and they play beautifully now.

On the other hand I ‘m all in favour of anything that allows justice to be done better.

God never forces anyone to sin; on the other hand He gives commandments and warnings and inducements not to sin.

On the other hand he supported para (b) (ii) (of the resolution as amended) entirely.

Victor ‘s father didn’t make the money either, but on the other hand he did, as does Victor.

You need to be honest with your client, but on the other hand he is paying you for your professional judgment.