on the campus in a sentence

There are Three well-designed cafeterias on the campus, which have varied cuisine to offer.

The building is named for two Laredo firefighters who perished in a 1973 fire on the campus.

360° panorama on the campus of Central Washington University as seen on an August afternoon.

The College’s first president was Rita L. Bole who has two buildings named for her on the campus.

As the University grew and other buildings on the campus were built, North Hall severely deteriorated.

Founded in 1975 on the campus of Godalming Grammar School, it caters for sixteen to nineteen years olds.

The Casa Italiana is one of three language houses and cultural centers on the campus of Nazareth College.

Challenge Ropes Course A popular program at Pingree Park is the Challenge Ropes Course operated on the campus.

Radio WEEM 91.7FM is a radio station located on the campus of Pendleton Heights High School and run by the students.

Campus Heslington campus Central Hall In 1964, work began on the campus facilities in the grounds of Heslington Hall.

The Islamia College is a residential college with 75% of its students and nearly the whole staff living on the campus.

Listed below are the fraternities and sororities sponsored by USF, and the years in which they were founded on the campus.

Waverly offers two disc golf (a.k.a frisbee golf) courses; one on the campus of Wartburg College and one at Riverside Park.