on a small scale in a sentence

However for a long time people participated on a small scale, as individuals.

Communities engaged in cattle breeding, sheep breeding or fishing on a small scale.

The first airplane service arrived in 1932, with electrical service on a small scale arriving about the same time.

Ancient records indicate that rearing of livestock began on a small scale during the Three Kingdoms period.

Dike building, reclamation and agricultural methods were tested there on a small scale.

Periods VI & VII saw only periodic occupation on a small scale.

On a small scale, Oxy-acetylene torches are used.

This discovery gives the colonists an ability to deal with the “bees”, at least on a small scale.

However, many missionaries refused to abide by the edict and continued to produce wine for normal consumption on a small scale.

NLP can be used on a small scale, as separable techniques and principles, but individual methods are often not as effective or dependable used alone.

Perkin said efforts have begun on a small scale already.

Sindhi caps are manufactured commercially on a small scale at New Saeedabad and Hala New.

His works often have a fragile child-like quality to them and are usually on a small scale.

After Brunel’s proposal was piloted on a small scale and proved unworkable, Stephenson was proven right.

‘‘‘Drashnitze’’’ can be regarded as a Croatian Pompeii on a small scale, because you can feel the Zeitgeist prevailing for centuries in this area.