on a grand scale in a sentence

The book makes a perfect holiday gift for those who enjoy romance novels written on a grand scale.

These ceremonies are not celebrated on a grand scale and are usually small events within the family.

History, for better or worse, is “us” on a grand scale ¦ full of secrets, beauty, fear, longing, and stifled love.

Further, he organized an Educational exhibition on a grand scale successfully.

Lawrie thinks this is treachery on a grand scale.

Produced on a grand scale, it is his first film in China since he emigrated from Hong Kong to the United States in 1993.

E. V. Ramasami Naicker of the Justice Party called upon his party and all Dravidians to celebrate December 22 “on a grand scale.

“There are child protection failures on a grand scale, and it’s not just limited to sexual abuse.

And people seem to be convinced that the entire world must be interested in our cause – navel-gazing on a grand scale,”” Cruz declared.”

During this first phase, six new stations were built, three entirely underground and all on a grand scale.