on a global scale in a sentence

Calculating the effects of outdoor air pollution on a global scale is challenging.

Your report also looked at the development of the energy industry on a global scale.

The global burning of coal won’t peak on a global scale until around 2025, according to BNEF.

By hosting a female-only competition, we strive to promote female gaming on a global scale.

She was hoping to reach a broader audience on a global scale by doing outreach and activism, and a documentary would help her reach that audience.

Climate change and agriculture are interrelated processes, both of which take place on a global scale.

What is happening to address non-sustainable agriculture on a global scale?

In fact, poaching on a global scale is growing, placing entire species at risk of extinction.

And while nuclear weapons have not stopped warfare, we have not seen warfare on a global scale since.

P. capsici is also important on a global scale.

Mission was to gather intelligence on a global scale.

Career In 1971, he started his career as an independent oil and mining entrepreneur on a global scale.

On a global scale Lewis already sits in the top half of all celebrities across sport, arts and music, he told CNN.

He is well on his way in being recognized on a global scale.

The solution is mass-marked zero-emission mobility on a global scale.

Lady X was created by Anesthesia to alter the military balance on a global scale and to plunge the world into fear and suffering.