Olympiastadion in a sentence

The capacity of the Olympiastadion reached 110,000 spectators.

Finally, it was decided to renovate the Olympiastadion .

The German Cup final match is held each year at the Olympiastadion .

Previously the team had played at Munich’s Olympiastadion for 33 years.

The Olympiastadion was equipped with the latest technology in artificial illumination and sound equipment.

For the 1972 Summer Olympics the city of Munich built the Olympiastadion .

Since 1963, Hertha BSC’s stadium is the Olympiastadion .

The Olympiastadion (; ) is a sports stadium in Berlin, Germany.

The IAAF World Championships in Athletics was held in the Olympiastadion in 2009.

The Olympiastadion was designated to play the final match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

They won the tournament with a 5–0 win in the Olympiastadion in Berlin.

Aside from its use as an Olympic stadium, the Olympiastadion has a strong footballing tradition.

From those days stem the Stockholms Olympiastadion which has since hosted numerous sports events, notably football and athletics.

The most significant battle around the Olympiastadion was in April 1945 when the Soviet army fought to capture it.

In May 2013, UEFA announced that the Olympiastadion Berlin will host the 2015 UEFA Champions League Final.

During the Games there were two additional S-Bahn lines servicing the now-defunct station Olympiastadion (Olympic Stadium).

In 1998, Berliners debated the destiny of the Olympiastadion in light of the legacy it represented for Germany.

Other stadia in contention to host the final included the Allianz Arena in Munich and Berlin’s Olympiastadion .

The first set of the July 3 show in Stockholms Olympiastadion was broadcast live on radio to an international audience.

In a memorable 1997 UEFA Champions League Final at the Olympiastadion in Munich, Dortmund faced the holders Juventus.