Olfactory in a sentence

Use Olfactory in a sentence

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Meaning: [Olfactory]concerned with the sense of smell ;

The olfactory nerve is responsible for smell sensation.

The unique scent of the mother (to the infant) is referred to as her olfactory signature.

Unlike his uncle however, Piet also possesses enhanced olfactory senses, which enables him to track his targets by way of scent.

The island fox communicates using auditory, olfactory and visual signals.

In addition to noises, the rhino uses olfactory communication.

Chemotherapy often makes for incredibly sensitive olfactory senses.

About 13% of schizophrenics have olfactory hallucinations.

Olfactory communication is very important in this species.

Mammalian olfactory cues play an important role in the coordination of the mother infant bond, and the following normal development of the offspring.