oil industry in a sentence

In May of 1951, the Shah of Persia approved the nationalization of the country’s oil industry.

When Romulo Betancourt became President of Venezuela in 1959, he used the profits from the oil industry to fund social programs in his country.

The oil industry is a male-dominated world, a lot like high finance.

The oil industry was also being hit by the sharp drop in energy prices.

All because it has decided to single-handedly take on the oil industry.

However, that doesn’t account for the indirect effect of the oil industry.

Even some members of Alberta’s oil industry are in favour of such a system.

800245 The situation mirrors in many respects the Spanish olive oil industry.

Also, the oil industry says fracking has not been utilized in the state as of yet.

Lol David Joseph Amaro 5pts The oil industry is a always been an up and down business.

And the impact of the crisis isn’t limited to those directly employed in the oil industry.

oil industry officials had been opposed to further upgrading the 1232 cars because of costs.

The oil industry is the backbone of the Venezuelan economy, Maduro said on state television.

Cultural differences across Canada In one class, for example, they discussed the oil industry.

719204 The fires are not only affecting the oil industry, but could hurt the country’s economy.

Evercore said the oil industry is contending with lower cashflow and a lack of access to capital.

And Obama is in his final political office — he could act — he does not need oil industry money.

When Brent rose to $66 per barrel this May, many oil industry executives breathed a sigh of relief.

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