Officious in a sentence

Use Officious in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective]someone usually telling people what to do, which is very annoying;

She became a teacher instead, she is probably good at it, though perhaps officious.

She sounded strict, almost officious.

One protester said that the marshals were ‘more officious than the police’.

She presided over the present-opening like an officious timekeeper.

The security people in the foyer were even more officious.

An officious permit keeper in a green U.S. Forest Service sweater stands between me and paradise.

One of the characters is the unappealing and officious airport Chief Immigration Officer Ian Foot.

Firmness, she thought, was the only way to deal with the officious little man.

Some of the marshalls and student activists, however, were obnoxiously officious and filled with self-importance.