officials blame in a sentence

Israeli officials blamed Iran and Hezbollah for the attack.

Kurdish officials blame the Iraqi government for stalling Article 140.

UN officials blamed both Israel and Syria for destabilizing the borders.

U.S. officials blamed al-Qaeda.

Syrian officials blamed rebel groups for the strike , which wounded dozens more students.

Security officials blame al-Shabaab local fighters for the attacks including Friday’s blast.

School officials often blame poor performance on the poverty these kids grow up in.

Officials later blamed the anti-communist and anti-Gorbachev protests on small groups of extremists.

German officials blamed Hungary’s Jews for the nation’s “defeatist attitude.

Indian officials also blamed the ISI for the bombing of the Indian embassy.

Officials blame the four-year delay in repairing the relatively simple system on ” security problems.

Company officials blamed the affair on a disgruntled employee who had been fired for theft.

Postal officials blame the economy.