off-site in a sentence

The five off-site power lines remain available.

off-site duties included many routine police and even administrative tasks.

The airport also has several off-site airport parking facilities.

The off-site shipment of reactor core debris began.

The training is either conducted locally or off-site .

We are currently developing other off-site exhibits.

Their activities involved full day excursions off-site to more demanding locations.

This often results in reduced productivity and increased off-site water pollution.

Another trick is to watch the fireworks display ” off-site “.

There are also private off-site parking operators near the airport.

We maintain off-site record keeping of our backup computer data.

This raises the concern that groundwater contamination has migrated off-site .

The electrical alignment is normal, supplied from off-site power.

Museum staff is also available to provide off-site outreach.

The soil was moved to an off-site disposal facility.

Tape is used when an off-site backup is necessary.

The letter was intercepted at an off-site mail facility .

The new purpose-built off-site collection storage facility began operations.

You are paying rent at the off-site facility.

This also includes off-site , focused training.