Obtuse in a sentence

Use Obtuse in a sentence


Meaning: [adjective] mentally slow (to understand thing) ;

And, I do stand by the obtuse sarcastic points made.

It’s a complex and often obtuse film.

In this essay, I can barely swing from one obtuse sentence to the next.

Along the way, he has had to tangle with obtuse bureaucrats.
These ” new critics ” are intentionally obtuse; their obscure language and technical jargon interfere with the clear communication necessary in criticism.

Either she was woefully ignorant, or wilfully obtuse.

Milch is fond of layered, sometimes similarly obtuse storytelling.

There are students so irredeemably obtuse that it feels as though I am stumbling along a darkened, treacherous path, and I wonder why I, one human creature among so many, have been selected to bear the burden of improving the literary and emotional life of the world.